For all who want to build their own  boat, thanks to François Vivier, Voordewind offers a comprehensive range of plans (projects) covering different types of boats:-from small rowing boats to trailable sailing boats with cabin, small yachts and motorboats. The plans include detailed descriptions and drawings, as well as lists of necessary materials.

The plans can be purchased from Voordewind in translation into Bulgarian or directly from the designer in English or French.

Attention! The plans are available in the original French language and in English translation. Optionally, all plans and documents may be translated into Bulgarian or provided with a glossary of technical terms.

You can purchase:


To better understand the boat and detailed content of the complete set of documents in the plan before purchasing it, we offer you a simplified version of the instructions booklet, scaled drawings or extracts from the original plans and material lists. So the study plan includes the main pages of the building guidelines, some basic partial plans in reduced form or sample plans of individual details. They include detailed lists of materials needed to calculate the budget. Depending on the boat, they can cover from 30 to 60 pages.


The PROJECT or CONSTRUCTION PLAN is a package including all documents necessary for the construction of the boat. As a rule, it contains:

  • Chronological index of the documents indicated for each stage;
  • General plans and those of every detail, eg. for a well of the Centreboard, specific deck appliances, etc.
  • Plans with the details of the compartments, the keel and the ribs (frames), the distribution on the cross board and even the profile of the boards for planking;
  • Plans with precise instructions to give your suppliers (manufacturers of sails for example), which guarantees you the best possible result (functional and aesthetic);
  • Guidelines for the construction of boats from wood;
  • Detailed lists of required timber, playwood sheets, fittings, etc.
  • Guidelines concerning the application of Regulations (European);
  • Finally-free consultation by phone or via e-mail is offered to every buyer.

Caution: Some plans do not include dimensioned plans of compartments. In this case, the full-size polyester foil templates are offered and they must be purchased along with the plan. In this case there is always a warning in the catalogue or in the price list.

Very often the development of a new construction plan is a response to a specific request. If it turns out that the boat is good and if we determine that it could respond to a more general search, it is possible to develop plans on a boat corresponding to your wishes.

We will ask you in return to receive feedback on the difficulties encountered and provide beautiful photos of the boat at sea.


What if you want a different boat?

You only need new drawings, as the remaining documentation is not substantially altered. We strive to continually expand our offerings, especially on boats of different sizes and types. The computer also makes it possible to correct a lot of things.

If you want a slightly longer or wider boat, we can quickly modify the plan by proposing new drawings and printing full-size templates of polyester foil. You will only have to adapt them, which can be done with our help, which we will provide.

The permit from the author of the builder-Amateur for the construction of a boat is applied to the plan.

We offer PROJECT DOCUMENTATION for the following boat types:

Pdf by e-mail or printed on paper by mail
Pdf by e-mail or printed on paper by mail
  Pdf / print
pdf /print
Pdf / print
pdf / print
Sail and oars boats        
Lilou 2 5€ / 15€ 10 / 30 BGN 240€ / 280€ 480 / 560 BGN
Ebihen 15 5€ / 20€ 10 / 40 BGN 230€ / 260€ 460 / 520 BGN
Ebihen 16 5€ / 20€ 10 / 40 BGN 230€ / 260€ 460 / 520 BGN
Morbic 12 5€ / 15€ 10 / 30 BGN 115€ / 140€ 230 / 280 BGN
Ilur 5€ / 20€ 10 / 40 BGN 180€ / 210€ 360 / 420 BGN
Cabin sail-boats        
Beniguet 5€ / 20€ 10 / 40 BGN 480€ / 520€ 960 / 1040 BGN
Stir-Ven 19 5€ / 20€ 10 / 40 BGN 380€ / 420€ 760 / 840 BGN
Motor boats        
Morbic 12 motor 5€ / 15€ 10 / 30 BGN 80€ / 100€ 160 / 200 BGN
Koulmig 20 runabout 5€ / 20€ 10 / 40 BGN 450€ / 560€ 900 / 1120 BGN
Koulmig 20 Cabin 5€ / 20€ 10 / 40 BGN 450€ / 560€ 900 / 1120 BGN