Building handbooks are an integral part of the set of plan (project) documentation, but can be provided separately at the request of the client. "Wooden boatbuilding sheets" which constitute a real illustrated book explaining each stage of the construction, step by step.
In its first part it covers the general, applicable to all designs, the principles, rules, procedures and instructions needed by the builder – Amateur before taking the first actions to realize the construction. Its second part is a description of the production technology and is specific for each type of boat and reflects the specifics of the adopted construction variant.

CNC FILES - files for CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) cutting

CNC files allow a builder to have plywood parts cut by a local CNC machine. The cutting can be done by Voordewind or by a local company of choice of the customer.
They are now for sale for many boats and have been used on many cutting machines in the world, without a problem. If any trouble, we will help to fix it and will refund if not possible.


The full-size patterns printed on polyester film, which are a complement to the plan. They may be only an option to make construction easier or a required extension of the plan. (This is always reflected as a note in the documentation). With their help, you can cut out the parts of the boat from standard sheets of plywood. They allow to avoid calculations and measurements with tables and manual transmission of lines from the paper to the material.

The laying out of the boat is one of the most difficult stages for a first-time builder.This is why we propose for all designs full size patterns for the sections, stem, transom and often for other parts, including bevels and as many useful details as possible. You just have to lay out the polyester tracing paper on the pannel to be cut, to transfer on it the tracing and you can engage in your construction with the greatest facility. The patterns are send by post out of plastic tube to avoid any deterioration during transport. They are strong enough and are preserved with a significant change in environmental conditions.

We offer files and manuals for the following types of boats

Pdf by e-mail
by e-mail
Sail and oars boats            
Lilou 2 60 120 170 340 +  
Ebihen 15 60 120 220 440 250  500
Ebihen 16 60 120 220 440 +  
Morbic 12 30 60 120 240 135 265
Ilur 45 90 180 360 173  340
Cabin sail-boats            
Beniguet 120 240 300 600 +  
Stir-Ven 19 95 190 260 520    
Morbic 12 motor 20 40 120 240    
Koulmig 20 runabout 115 230 350 700 384  751
Koulmig 20 Cabin 115 230 350 700 384 751