Buying the necessary materials and equipment for the construction of the boats is not always easy. That's why the developed kits allow you to buy everything you need. This also leads to good savings by avoiding transport charges, buying small quantities, mistakes, etc...

The kit is a set of materials which, at the very minimum, includes plywood parts cut on a numerically controlled machine.

The kits consist of multiple packages which can be ordered either individually or in different combinations. According to the type of boat they may have the following content:

  • Panels of sawn plywood;
  • Sawn timbers for hull and spars;
  • Glues, resins, epoxy, cloths;
  • Screws, bolts and other hardware;
  • Centreboards, Daggerboards;
  • Specific accessories and gadgets of the actual design;
  • Fittings, Rigging;
  • Sails;
  • Trailers;
  • etc.

The kit also includes full-size patterns (templates) in scale 1:1..


The "core" of the kits is the set of plywood parts, cut into CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine. The length of the plywood panels is usually smaller than the boards for planking or for some other parts. For this precise cutting of zig-zag and another specific profile allows to assemble the parts easily. The individual parts are very precisely cut and do not require great effort to fit them. Only minor adjustments are made.

Sample of parts cut-out from plywood panels include bulkheads, rudder blade, mast step....

Simpler still than the polyester patterns, it is now possible to make NC cutting of all the plywood parts, from the moulds or bulkheads until the planks of a clinker or stitch and glue boat. The precision of the computer aided design makes it possible to reduce to very little thing the tasks of fitting. Even for a boat built mainly out of sawn timber, the use of moulds and templates out of cheap plywood brings to decisive advantage to the point to make more accessible one such realization.

All proposed projects are made with CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools, allowing high accuracy and reduction of corrections to a minimum. Precisely cut with CNC-machine elements of the set of plywood represent a huge relief especially for novices, because they, together with detailed instructions included in the project are a guarantee of success.


When you do not have large machines for precise processing of the details of solid wood, we offer you the billets of beams of solid timber for the hull and the spars and of specific accessories and devices of the particular design, which you need only to finish processing the fine and then assemble together with the parts of plywood.

We offer KITS for the following boats:

€ / BGN
cut into CNC machine
€ / BGN + CNC cutting
cut into machine
€ / BGN + cutting
Sail and oars boats      
Lilou 2 + + +
Ebihen 15 10236 / 20020 1270 / 2480 + cutting 753 / 1475 + cutting
Ebihen 16 10236 / 20020 1270 / 2480 + cutting 753 / 1475 + cutting
Morbic 12 6500 / 12720 364 / 700 + cutting 202 / 395 + cutting
Ilur 7476 / 14622 1270 / 2480 + cutting 753 / 1475 + cutting
Cabin sail-boats      
Beniguet + + +
Stir-Ven 19      
Motor boats      
Koulmig 20 runabout 8670 / 16960 1790 / 3500 + cutting 144 / 285 + cutting
Koulmig 20 Cabin 8670 / 16960 1790 / 3500 + cutting 144 / 285 + cutting