was established 27.11.2017 as a company for the construction of small vessels of wood, equipment and accessories for sailing and training of users of vessels, as well as for amateur builders. 

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the company redirected its main efforts towards the training of boatmasters of vessels up to 40 BT by sea and on Small vessels on the inland waterways of Europe. 

The trainings are conducted in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance No 6 on the competence of seafarers in the Republic of Bulgaria and National standard in the form of courses and individually.


In the region of the town of Sofia

Study Room on the street. "Prof. G. Bradystilov" No 22a

The practice takes place on the lake "Pancharevo"

In the region of the town of Pazardzhik

Study Room on the Blvd. Bulgaria No 62

The practice takes place on the Lake “Svoboda”

In the region of the town of Svishtov

Study Room
83 First str., Vardim village, Bulgaria

The practice takes place around Vardim Island.

The production of sailing vessels remains on the second stage due to the emergency situation in the country, but it is not relegated from the list of products offered by Voordewind LTD. But the production is organized only after receiving the order and advance payment. The project documentation and the technology on which the construction of the vessels is carried out comply with all European requirements and standards, as well as the BRS and IAMA


In 2019, Voordewind began the construction of a new workshop for construction of small sailing vessels, which will be completed and fully equipped with the necessary mashines until the end of 2020.

Voordewind TEAM

dr. Svilen Alexandrov, Navy Captain (R)

The MANAGER of Voordewind, dr. Svilen Alexandrov, Navy Captain (R) holds a qualification "ship navigator" from "Nikola Vapcarov" Naval Collage and is a doctor of economics of UNVE-Sofia. He is also qualified by a river school in river Shipbuilding and shipping in town of Russe. He graduated from the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg in Russia and Admiral-Staff Academy in Hamburg, Germany. He has extensive practical experience in the field of his service in the Navy of Bulgaria, where he has been in positions as a Watchkeeping officer, assistant commander, ship commander and squadron commander. He is also qualified as a navigator for merchant shipping and as a NAVY instructor. He was the head of a training organization in the Higher Education institution-director of the department at the Military Academy "G. S. Rakovski". Fluent in Russian, German and English languages.

The members of the Voordewind TEAM have a higher level of marine or engineering education and rich professional experience. As lecturers in the courses in addition to the members of the team are attracted acting captains Sea sailing and masters of large passenger ships on the Danube

Voordewind PARTNERS

Since September 2018 Voordewind is a partner of the famous French designer of sailing vessels François Vivier and has acquired the right to build on his designs and to offer all its products in the region.


The company works in close cooperation with software companies and uses the services of professional programmers for the needs of distance learning, 3D design, simulation and operation of CNC machines.