The offered open sail and oars boats with outboard motor are suitable for recreation and fishing, diving, training and other activities. They are transportable with a car trailer and can only descend on water from 1 person. Therefore, they are very comfortable for a family holiday at sea both in the country and in the neighbouring sea countries.

The boats have several variants of propulsion, including outboard motors, oars and sails. Customers can choose different combinations of the three options depending on what they will use them for. They have several types of the rigging depending on the client's desire. In addition, any of the options selected in the future can be complemented by the full equipment of the sail and oars boat with outboard motor. This gives a wide range of possibilities depending on the financial range that customers have.

They are suitable for sailing in coastal areas of the sea as well as rivers, lakes and dams.
Oars and outboard motor give the boats additional security and multifunctionality.

We offer the following models of OPEN SAIL AND OARS BOATS